Smart Money Financial Group is committed to helping serious people make smart choices with their money, because money doesn’t come with instructions. First, by developing a custom written financial strategy, and secondly, implementing it, so you can achieve the financial lifestyle and wealth management you deserve for the reasons that are most important to you. Financial success is not a right or entitlement, so if you are seeking a secure financial future, it is up to you to take action.  It is never too soon or too late to take control of your financial future. Anyone who chooses to be casual about their finances, will end up a financial casualty.
Smart Money Financial Group’s mission is to create an environment that allows us translate our clients values, goals, and beliefs into a custom written financial strategy in order to fund a day of complete financial independence as defined by the client. This custom financial strategy will have specific actions needed on specific dates to create, accumulate, protect, and distribute their wealth in the most efficient manner. This will ultimately allow our clients the highest probability to achieve their goals for the reasons that are most important to them, while providing peace of mind throughout the entire process, until all their goals are achieved, regardless of what is going on in the economy.


Debbie Reis

Ideal Client

In order to best serve our current clients, Smart Money Financial Group currently invites only 100 new clients a year, this works out to approximately 8 per month, to join our select clientèle of financially committed individuals. So, as you think of the people whose lives you would like to enrich by sharing a positive client/advisor relationship, these are the type of clients who we work with:

Our Ideal Client Profile

  • Serious about making smarter choices with their money
  • Open-minded to new ideas and action-oriented
  • Committed to not only developing a written financial strategy but also implementing it to realize the benefits for themselves
  • Realizes financial decisions is about our quality of life and not the hot fund of the month
  • Wants a long-term trusting relationship with a highly competent financial professional
  • Values service, advice, and professional relationships for our time and expertise
  • $250,000 of investable assets or $150,000 of current personal income
  • Wishes to enrich the lives of others by sharing their positive client / trusted advisor relationship
Smart Money Financial Group specializes in working with:

  • Successful business owners
  • Pre-retirees completely committed to a day of financial independence
  • Widows
  • Retirees


Tax Planning

Earning money is one skill – keeping money is a different skill.  Learning to keep the money you earn by reducing or eliminating your taxes can have one of the greatest impacts on your net worth.


Do you know your financial goals? If not, how do you expect to hit your targets? Let us specifically customize a comprehensive report and plan together with you.


Retirement is one of the most important life events.  Retiring comfortably involves an extensive process, which takes sensible planning and years of persistence.


Truly great investments rarely jump onto your lap.  Let our team show you unique opportunities that the vast majority of the general public are not exposed to.

What Makes Us Unique?

Forbes says 95% of all investment managers have 0 dollars invested in their own fund.  We invest our own money right along side of our investors.


Smart Money Financial Group is committed to helping serious people make smart choices with their money, because money doesn’t come with instructions.

Below are a few of the investment opportunities that our valued clients have greatly benefited and profited from. We structure each investment uniquely to maximize return opportunities and mitigate risk. Contact us today for more information.


Everyone needs sound financial advice and competent assistance to implement an integrated financial program.


  • Smart Money introduces you to better ways to leverage your time and your money so that you can have more of both. They are very enthusiastic in helping and supporting people. I know they have a lot of people they work with and “big fish” clients as well, yet they give a lot of attention to me when I need it.

    Jake Fouts
  • Smart Money has the ability and skills to put things together so that there are solutions where there didn’t appear to be any before. Most financial advisors or estate planners just go by the book. The genius of the staff is that they have amazing skills and tools to do more.

    Vu Tran
  • Basic professionals didn’t have a clue! I had very basic questions and yet no one seemed to be able to answer me. I couldn’t find someone who had unshakable certainty about what they were talking about until I met with Smart Money. Because of them, I feel more supported. The more I asked “out of the box” questions, the more I was impressed. I now know that I will not be strangled by taxation, which is very important to me as an entrepreneur.

    Ana Matos
  • What I like most about Ron is how genuine he is. He is the first to help other people. Ron never solicited anything to me. Never. Anything we have done together has been a result of my personal initiation, or my wife’s initiation. Ron has never said anything that he was going to do that he didn’t do, and he has never say anything that he wasn’t going to do that he did do.

    Royal Smalley

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Smart Money Financial Group
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Phone: (888)560-7119       Fax: (888)317-6598


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